Keys to Successful Hearing Protection with Earplugs

Keys to Successful Hearing Protection with Earplugs



Read and follow all earplug fitting instructions.


Avoid over-protection in minimal noise environments. In selecting the best earplug for your situation, consider noise levels and your need to communicate with co-workers or hear warning signals on the job.


  • Inspect earplugs prior to wear for dirt, damage, or hardness. Discard immediately if compromised.
  • For proper hygiene, discard Single-Use earplugs after use.
  • With proper maintenance, Multiple-Use earplugs can last for 2-4 weeks. Clean with mild soap and water and store in a case not not in use.
  • Clean and replace pods regularly on Banded earplugs.
Proper Fit

If either or both earplugs do not seem to be fitted properly, remove the earplug and reinsert.


Gently twist earplug while slowly pulling in an outward motion for removal.

Acoustical Check

In a noisy environment, with earplugs inserted, cup your hads over your ears and release. Earplugs should block enough noise so that covering your ears with your hands should not result in a significant noise difference.

Step 1
Reach over your head with a free hand, pull your ear up and back, and insert the earplug well inside your ear canal.

Step 2
Earplugs should be inserted as shown in this drawing. Stop pushing the earplug when your finger touches your ear.

Step 3
If properly fitted, the end of the earplugs should not be visible to someone looking at your from the front.(From:Newmatic Medical)


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