Noise Cancelling HF Concert Ear Plugs

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We all love to turn the music up, or lose ourselves next to a huge speaker stack at a festival – but it can come at a price. Hearing damage is a serious concern in the music and live events industry. Many DJs and long terms festival goers have hearing damage, and this is something irreparable.

Foam earplugs help to reduce the overall noise – but impair the experience. And can make music sound “muddy” - After using the foam plugs, we have learned that many people simply choose no hearing protection instead to hear the music more clearly, unaware of the damage they could be doing. 

Choose Hearprotek Musicians earplugs for all of the following applications: 

Music performance, whether you play an instrument, sing or direct Music practice, especially for professional musicians, for music teachers and their students.

Attending music concerts. Many concerts today are so loud they are dangerous to your hearing, and the extreme volume distorts the sound at your ear. With MusicSafe Pro, you are protected and you will hear the music better, with less distortion.

Attending church services in which the music is too loud for you to hear comfortably. 

Watching TV with a spouse who needs the volume too loud for your comfort.

Attending all sorts of motorsports events including drag racing, tractor pulls, NASCAR events, motocross, and other such events. NOTE: you may need additional protection in the form of ear muffs worn over your Hearproteck earplugs at extremely loud events. 

Noisy offices where you find it hard to concentrate.

Package Includes: 
2 shell sizes (M & S)
3pairs filters (Green-NRR11, Blue-NRR14, Black-NRR19)
1 Alluminum case with keychain 
1 Neck cord
1 Carabiner
1 Zippered case
1 User manual
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