Earplug Headphones for Work, Safety Foam Earbuds Headphones That Look Like Earplugs

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  • [Headphones Look Like Earplugs] Specially designed to cater to the audience working in a louder environment or anyone who is more inclined to have auditory help throughout the day. It is definitely a headphone that looks like an earplug, qualifies for a noise reduction rating of 29dB, which ensures to cut down any unnecessary outside noise and provides the ultimate hearing protection and listening experience.
  • [Unique Earbud Design] Unique patent designed ear tips blocks a lot of extraneous noise and more sound from the audio device is channeled directly to your ears, offers immersive sound crystal clear and rich sound quality. Perfect for heavy machinery, power tools, mowing, DIY in the workshop and other noisy places and activities.
  • [Ergonomic & Superior Comfort] The non-replaceable ear tips are made from durable, ergonomic soft foam to ensure long and comfortable wear time. The manner in which the earplugs are built also ensures that they will not fall out and keep you irritation-free even if the earbuds are worn for hours at a time.
  • [Lightweight & Durable] The entire set of earphones weighs in at just 10.2 grams (0.36 oz), super lightweight, providing an effortless wearing and preventing wearer fatigue even after hours of use. The ear buds are built with double-reinforced jacks and the cable is made in durable tear-resistant fiber wire, so they can stand up to hours of use, day after day. Come with a generous 53” long wire, it gives you freedom of movement.
  • [Economical & Wide Compatibility] The ear bud are very affordable and excellent at protecting your ears, it’s a great choice for workers on a tight budget. With standard 3.5 mm plug jack, the ear buds fit most mobile phones and all music players including CD players, Digital Audio Players, Walkman, and MP3 players which is a perfect solution for workers who want to listen to music on the job.