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Made in HYPOALLERGENIC & NON-TOXIC material which is durable and lasting with proper care.With unique ergonomically-shaped design, Hearprotek sleep ear plugs will cozily fit your ear and sufficiently muffle noise for a restful night’s sleep.


With a unique 29db NRR filter, these versatile ear plugs are good at blocking out ambient noise without completely blocking the ear so that you can still hear important sounds like your alarm clock, doorbell or baby crying. Great for sleeping, studying, work, travel, relaxation, loud events, etc.


Unlike the foam earplugs which are disposable, these silicone earplugs are reusable, durable and can be used for one year if taking good care, which makes them an ideal choice for cost effective hearing protection. They’re washable as well, however please remove the inside plastic attenuation filter before submerging the plug in water.


The high quality noise cancelling earplugs are supplied in a milled aluminum case with carabiner to keep your sleep ear plugs safe and clean, it’s super convenient for you to carry wherever you go. With 1pc extra plug replacement included, if you loose one plug or one plug is worn out, you can still be covered.


We want you to love our comfortable earplugs but if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we offer 30 days money back and 12 months warranty for replacement, just simply contact us and we will make things right within 24 hours.

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    Skylar M.
    United States United States
    Decent Ear Plugs, Not Best For Sleeping

    As I enjoy the sound muffling given with these ear plugs I did not find them suitable for sleeping. I did implement the ear plug properly by pulling the top of ones ear upward upon insertion. I will definitely use these for concerts, whenever that resumes, but I don’t believe they are comfortable for sleeping purposes.

    Josh J.
    United States United States
    Doable but not amazing

    These ear plugs seem to muffle noise just enough to dull the annoyance of mild snoring or background noise but not so much to keep you from hearing an alarm. Unfortunately, they fall out pretty easily and if they fall out while you are sleeping, they could easily be lost forever and they are too expensive to be easily losable. They would benefit a lot from a hole on the insert tab to allow customers to tie a string between them to keep them together and make them easier to find if they come out. Also, it took more than a month for these to arrive in the US from when I ordered them and most of that time the tracking information told me almost nothing. This was during COVID so that could have been a delay factor but the long delivery time combined with not knowing when they would come made me want to abandon this product and just get my money back.

    Ernie M.
    United States United States

    they are nice but too big for me

    Gale B.
    BEST Sleeping Earplugs Ever

    I have been using these Hearprotek Earplugs for over a month now. I have a collection of ear plugs even custom molded $75 But these are the ones I reach for every night. I place them on my bedside table in a little in a little bowl. I am very careful that they go in there bowl for safe keeping. These ear plugs block the right amount of noise and make it possible to hear your alarm clock. When I first received them I wondered if they would work? They a smaller and soft edges with a tiny tab to remove them. I can sleep on my my side or my back and can not feel them. Most over the counter have latex and are designed for giant male ear openings canal. These soft pink silicon earplugs do not swell and expand so much that there is no pressure pushing on my ear or the feeling of a lump in my ear. I was delighted on how they just rest in your ear and a must for side sleepers. I will also take on my next airplane trip so I can block the noise and try to catch a nap.They hide in your ear so one knows there are there. I am also going to buy a pair for a girlfriend that has sleeping issues and can not find a good ear plug. She will be so amazed how they will help her sleep. Odd birthday present but a 1 year warranty of good night sleeps. That is an amazing birthday gift of a year of good sleep.

    Adojggli k.
    Best Sleep of my Life!

    I've tried using earplugs in the past, but I always found them to be too large for my ears and uncomfortable when I sleep on my side. Plus, they always fell out, and the morning noise of everyone waking up is THE REASON that I want earplugs! These earplugs are everything I always wanted. They fit in my ear so comfortably. They only have a tiny little bendable plastic tab that sticks out, so I can comfortably sleep on my side. I can still hear my alarm clock in the morning. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'm sleeping all the way through the night and morning!! While although these earplugs are much more expensive than others, especially since you only get one pair (and a half), I feel like you really can't put a price on a full nights rest. So $20 for a priceless night of great sleep. Sounds fair to me! Will be buying again as soon as I need to replace!