Purple High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs (Purple)
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hearing protection ear plugs
noise resistant ear plugs
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Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction

Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs

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Color: Purple

Rose Gold

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  • Experience Crystal Clear Sound:  Preserve the high-fidelity audio you love with Hearprotek Music ear plugs. These innovative ear plugs effectively lower volume levels and blocks background noise while maintaining sound clarity and sharpness. Say goodbye to muffled frequencies and enjoy the clear sound without worries
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • 23dB Noise Reduction for Every Occasion: Get two sets of 23db ear plugs in different sizes. Whether you're at a concert or a band rehearsal, these ear plugs will reduce sound volume by an impressive 23db. Plus, you'll always have a spare plug for any unforeseen situations
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • Designed for Your Comfort: Made with high-quality silicone material, these ear plugs provide comfort even during extended use. The ergonomic curved body and flange tip design ensure a snug and comfortable fit, especially for those with small ear canals
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • Discrete and Portable: With their low-profile design and translucent or frosted plug shells, these ear plugs are inconspicuous and blend seamlessly on stage, at concerts, clubs, or in the office. They come with a soft silicone detachable cord and a durable aluminum case with a carabiner for easy attachment to belts and bags, ensuring you never lose your plugs
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • Warm Tips: While these ear plugs don't block all noise completely, they preserve the music's quality and maintain a safe listening level. Not recommended for activities like sleeping, hunting, shooting, or motorcycling
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Recommended for all concerts!

I tried and used these for the first time at the Taylor Swift concert in Stockholm, Sweden on 17th May 2024.
They worked great! The earplugs definitely removed any harmful sound, and there were no ringing ears afterwards so they definitely protect your ears enough. The earplugs were comfortable to have on and I didn't get any discomfort from wearing them for about 4 hours.
I think they might be better than normal foam earplugs because they don't remove all sound completely, and you can still hear the music and everything else clearly.
You can also still have conversations with people around you without any problem which might be good, while normal foam earplugs would block all sounds including people talking to you. While you can still talk with people around you, the only negative thing about that fact is when the concert is going on and you might hear more noise from people around you than you would want to, like screaming etc.
I got the Rose Gold version which I definitely recommend! Not only do the earplugs work great but I love the look of them, they look so cute! I also got the baby pink case for them which is also cute, and very small and convenient. I put on the detachable cord for my earplugs which is helpful when you might want to take the earplugs out for a moment but you will still have very easy access to them since you can just have them hanging around your neck, to very easily put them on again.
Overall, I'm very happy with these earplugs and I'm glad that I bought them, and I will be using them for all future concerts I'm going to!

Soo so good!

They‘re easy to use, nice to wear and they do what they should! Plus they look kinda pretty in your ear.

I wish I had these 20 years ago!

As a professional photographer specializing in weddings and events, I often find myself surrounded by excessively loud music during receptions and parties, sometimes exceeding 90 decibels. I am well aware of the potential long-term consequences of prolonged exposure to such high sound levels, including the risk of hearing loss. It's not uncommon for my ears to be ringing at the end of the night after leaving an event.

Considering my prior experience working at a nightclub in my younger years, which has left me with a slight but persistent ringing in my ears, I have become increasingly concerned about preserving my hearing for the future. This led me to search for a solution that would allow me to hear when someone needs to communicate with me while reducing the impact of the loud music.

That's when I discovered these ear plugs. They are affordable, portable, and precisely what I needed. They are user-friendly and come with a convenient carrying case. Most importantly, they effectively muffle the loud music while still allowing me to engage in conversations, albeit with a slight reduction in clarity. I find them comfortable enough to wear for a couple of hours, although I haven't needed to wear them for longer periods.

What's great is that these ear plugs are reasonably priced, making them accessible to everyone. I have been recommending them to my friends and colleagues, and I'm even considering purchasing additional sets to keep in all my camera bags.

Joe Lin
Great for EDC

I bought these as a recommendation for EDC and any kind of rave to prevent hearing loss. I'm 100% glad I did. I made earrings to put them on so I wouldn't lose them. I wore them all during EDC. I didn't have any trouble hearing my friends talk or hearing the music.

Great Value/Performance

I bought Loop headphones in 2022 feeding into the hype (they are quite pricier then these). Even though they give you different sizes to go in your ears even the smallest size felt uncomfortable. For the record I am not a fan of earbuds that go in your inner ear, so that could be a ME issue. I felt the sound at the show was garbled and not only was the volume turned down with Loop headphones, but I had to take the headphones out to hear anything my friend’s were saying (I could hear them clearer without the headphones and more background noise). Enter these headphones. I saw someone make a tik tok video about protecting your ears and they showed these earplugs. I saw the price was cheaper then Loop and thought I would give them a go. I tried them for the first time last night. Amazing! The concert volume was turned down but the quality was still amazing. I mean I could tell one speaker had an issue to the right of the stage. My ear canals didn’t feel stretched out and until I took them out almost completely forgot I was wearing them. I could hear my boyfriend clearly and the music was perfect. Nothing was garbled.

I tried the Loop headphones at 3 shows and literally chose to remove them over protecting my hearing.

Con: this is the ONLY con to these, they are hard to get out of the little carrying tube. Maybe my fingers are too small, but it took me a few minutes to get them out. Other then that, brilliant!!!