Purple High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs (Purple)
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hearing protection ear plugs
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Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction

Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs (Purple)

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  • Experience Crystal Clear Sound:  Preserve the high-fidelity audio you love with Hearprotek Music ear plugs. These innovative ear plugs effectively lower volume levels and blocks background noise while maintaining sound clarity and sharpness. Say goodbye to muffled frequencies and enjoy the clear sound without worries
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • 23dB Noise Reduction for Every Occasion: Get two sets of 23db ear plugs in different sizes. Whether you're at a concert or a band rehearsal, these ear plugs will reduce sound volume by an impressive 23db. Plus, you'll always have a spare plug for any unforeseen situations
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • Designed for Your Comfort: Made with high-quality silicone material, these ear plugs provide comfort even during extended use. The ergonomic curved body and flange tip design ensure a snug and comfortable fit, especially for those with small ear canals
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • Discrete and Portable: With their low-profile design and translucent or frosted plug shells, these ear plugs are inconspicuous and blend seamlessly on stage, at concerts, clubs, or in the office. They come with a soft silicone detachable cord and a durable aluminum case with a carabiner for easy attachment to belts and bags, ensuring you never lose your plugs
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs
  • Warm Tips: While these ear plugs don't block all noise completely, they preserve the music's quality and maintain a safe listening level. Not recommended for activities like sleeping, hunting, shooting, or motorcycling
    Colourful Day - Hearprotek High Fidelity 23db Noise Reduction Concert Ear Plugs

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
These earplugs fit my ears comfortably

I'm really looking forward to using them at the next festival I attend. Unlike other earplugs I've tried, these ones actually stay securely in place, providing me with a worry-free experience. I also appreciate the convenient carry case that comes with them, making it easy to bring them along wherever I go. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with these earplugs and can't wait to put them to use again.

Incredible Affordable Ear Plugs

I purchased these earplugs based on a recommendation for attending EDC and raves in order to prevent hearing loss. I am extremely pleased that I did. To ensure I wouldn't lose them, I even made earrings to attach them to. I wore these earplugs throughout the entire duration of EDC, and I had no difficulty hearing my friends' conversations or enjoying the music. These earplugs struck the perfect balance, allowing me to protect my hearing while still immersing myself in the festival experience. I highly recommend these earplugs to anyone attending similar events who wants to prioritize hearing protection without compromising on the overall enjoyment.

Doesn’t fall out and blocks noise very well!

As someone who has suffered from tinnitus due to attending loud concerts for years, I finally decided to invest in a good pair of earplugs to protect my ears. I wore these earplugs to a concert where I was right up front and close to the speakers all night. Initially, I was skeptical because I could still hear the concert very well with the earplugs in.

However, after the concert, I stepped outside and took the earplugs off, fully expecting to be greeted by the loud ringing that usually keeps me awake for the rest of the night. To my surprise, there was absolutely no ringing at all! I am absolutely in love with these earplugs and I would recommend them a million times over. The fact that they even came with a carrying case equipped with a carabiner is a bonus. These earplugs have truly been a game-changer for me, and I cannot recommend them enough to others who are looking for reliable hearing protection.

No ringing in my ears!

I recently attended a dubstep festival where I put these earplugs to the test, and I must say, they performed flawlessly! I was headbanging the whole time, standing close to the speakers, and not once did the earplugs fall out. They provided complete protection for my ears. If they can withstand the intensity of a dubstep festival, it's safe to say they can handle anything. I was amazed that I didn't experience any ringing in my ears afterward. The only minor drawback is that the sound quality is slightly reduced due to the noise blockage, but it's hardly noticeable. I really appreciate that they come with a storage case that can be attached to your bag, making it easy to put them away if you want to enjoy a particular song or two without them. I highly recommend these earplugs to anyone in need of reliable hearing protection.

Fits my ear comfortably

I recently wore these earplugs to a concert featuring Bad Wolves, Hollywood Undead, and Papa Roach, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. I inserted them before Bad Wolves took the stage, and even after their set, when I briefly took them out in the bathroom, I could still hear clearly. Throughout the concert, I kept the earplugs in, but unfortunately, during Papa Roach's performance, they became a bit loose, resulting in some ringing in one ear. However, I believe this was due to my own movements and not a flaw in the earplugs themselves. It's worth noting that you should be cautious about banging or moving too vigorously, as this can potentially dislodge the earplugs. Aside from that, I highly recommend these earplugs. They provided an amazing experience, allowing me to hear all the sounds without any discomfort from the screaming. I absolutely love these earplugs!