Purple Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs
Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs (Purple)
Purple Earplugs for Sleep
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DreamSugar - Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs (Purple)

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  • Lightweight & Comfortable: Our earplugs are made of extra-soft, lightweight silicone, ensuring they fit comfortably inside your ear all day long without pain or discomfort. They are also non-irritating, so you don't have to worry about them making your ears itch. 
    DreamSugar Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • Ergonomically Shaped: Our special 3-layer flange ergonomical design gently seals the ears with no hard edges for safe and comfortable noise blockage, making them perfect for side sleepers who want a peaceful night's rest without pressure pain. 
    Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • 2 Pairs Plugs Fit Most Ear Sizes: With two different sizes of earplugs (SMALL in 30db and STANDARD in 32db), our product is ideal for toddlers, youth, small adults, and most adults. Perfect for use in any situation where silence is needed, such as sleeping, studying, flying, and more. 
    32db & 30db Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • Convenient & Portable: Featuring a sturdy detachable cord and an aluminum case with a carabiner, our earplugs are easy to store, take out, and carry around at all times. Ideal for working, construction, mowing, using power tools, and other noisy environments. 
    Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • Warm Tips: While our earplugs can't block out all noises, wearing them will significantly reduce disturbing sounds. For best fit and performance, choose the right size earplug and follow our user manual for proper use. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. 
    Sleeping Ear Plugs

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Jordan R.
I can sleep again

I have been struggling with my wife's loud snoring for years, and it has greatly impacted my sleep quality throughout our 18-year marriage. However, since I started using these ear plugs, I have finally found some relief. Unlike other ear plugs that can be uncomfortable, these ones are incredibly comfortable, especially when I sleep on my side with my ear against the pillow. They are easy to insert and remove, and the travel case they come with is very convenient. The pack also includes two different sizes, and I prefer using the larger ones.

Although these ear plugs are effective in reducing my wife's loud snoring, there are still nights when her snoring becomes too loud, and if I happen to wake up and roll over, it can be challenging to fall back asleep even with the ear plugs. To counter this, I try to go to bed earlier than my wife to ensure I fall asleep before her snoring starts. Despite this minor inconvenience, I firmly believe that these ear plugs are worth every penny. In fact, I am considering buying a backup pair because losing the ones I currently have would mean sleepless nights for me. Sleeping on the couch is not a comfortable alternative that allows me to get proper rest.

However, there is a downside to sleeping with ear plugs - I don't hear much of what's happening around me. On one occasion, there was a tornado in our area, and I completely missed the warning siren in the middle of the night. It was only when my wife woke me up in a panic, urging us to run to the basement, that I became aware of the situation. Sleeping with ear plugs does limit my ability to hear, which can be concerning as I am supposed to be the protector of my family during the night. Additionally, my wife doesn't appreciate it when I don't sleep in our bed. It puts me in a difficult position, and I'm not sure what the best solution is.

Overall, these ear plugs have significantly improved my sleep quality by reducing the impact of my wife's snoring. They are comfortable, easy to use, and come with useful accessories. While they do have some drawbacks, I believe they are a worthwhile investment for anyone dealing with a similar situation.

Helps me sleep next to my snoring husband

I used to struggle with wearing earplugs while sleeping, but I was desperate to find a solution for my husband's incredibly loud snoring (you could hear him downstairs!). I decided to try these earplugs and they worked wonders. Not only were they effective in canceling out most of the snoring, but they were also comfortable to wear. I've tried different earplugs in the past, but they often ended up hurting my ears and I would remove them during the night. However, these earplugs did not cause any discomfort. While you can still hear some of the snoring, it is significantly reduced compared to not wearing any earplugs. As a light sleeper, this has made a huge difference for me. These earplugs work so well that sometimes I don't even hear my 5-month-old baby crying at night. I have found that the smaller size earplugs are more comfortable, but the larger ones provide better noise cancellation, likely because they cover more area. It is definitely worth it! I even keep these earplugs in my pajama pocket so I can easily access them in the middle of the night when my husband's snoring gets particularly loud. Thanks to these earplugs, he now sleeps better because I'm not constantly nudging him to stop snoring. Overall, I highly recommend these earplugs for anyone dealing with a snoring partner or seeking a peaceful night's sleep.

Anna Menanno
Work Great, Stay Comfortable

These soft ear plugs work so well and are so easy to place. I have a very small ear canal and Hearprotek offers a great variety of sizes and styles. I love these purple ones better than my old pink ones.

Love these

These earplugs are great. Allow me to get a great night’s sleep

Nay Nay
Read the Fitting Guide!!

For anyone reading these reviews and seeing the few that talk about the ear plugs not adequately reducing noise or that they don’t fit well or are uncomfortable, I’m curious if those users actually read the directions about how to put these in their ears.

I will be the first to admit I didn’t read the directions before my initial use after my husband bought these for us for a 4 day concert festival we attended. Oops. 😂

BUT…they still helped reduce quite a bit of the volume for me and I was so glad he had been thoughtful enough to get us these ear plugs!!

Fast forward to today when I thought to add the carrier to my keychain so I can use them to help me focus during work or noisy public places…I actually opened the whole little brochure and read the directions for how to insert them. Shocker. I’d put them in wrong the first time. 🙄😂 Once I out them in properly…wow! Even better fit, less occlusion, and even more volume/noise reduction.

TL; DR…Read the directions for how to insert these. You have to pull your outer ear up and out slightly to straighten the ear canal for the best fit and performance.