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Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs (Pink)
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DreamSugar - Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs (Pink)

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  • Lightweight & Comfortable: Our earplugs are made of extra-soft, lightweight silicone, ensuring they fit comfortably inside your ear all day long without pain or discomfort. They are also non-irritating, so you don't have to worry about them making your ears itch. 
    DreamSugar Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs

  • Ergonomically Shaped: Our special 3-layer flange ergonomical design gently seals the ears with no hard edges for safe and comfortable noise blockage, making them perfect for side sleepers who want a peaceful night's rest without pressure pain. 
    DreamSugar Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs

  • 2 Pairs Plugs Fit Most Ear Sizes: With two different sizes of earplugs (SMALL in 30db and STANDARD in 32db), our product is ideal for toddlers, youth, small adults, and most adults. Perfect for use in any situation where silence is needed, such as sleeping, studying, flying, and more. 
    DreamSugar Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs

  • Convenient & Portable: Featuring a sturdy detachable cord and an aluminum case with carabiner, our earplugs are easy to store, take out, and carry around at all times. Ideal for working, construction, mowing, using power tools, and other noisy environments. 
    DreamSugar Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs

  • Warm Tips: While our earplugs can't block out all noises, wearing them will significantly reduce disturbing sounds. For best fit and performance, choose the right size earplug and follow our user manual for proper use. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. 
    DreamSugar Hearprotek (32db & 30db) Noise Reduction Sleeping Ear Plugs

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
They have allowed my husband and me to finally have peaceful nights of sleep

I have been dealing with my husband's severe snoring for a while now, and I suspect he may have sleep apnea. However, despite my concerns, he refuses to seek professional help for it. The snoring has made it extremely difficult for me to sleep, and we even resorted to sleeping in separate bedrooms because I didn't want to simply mask the problem with earplugs. However, after much hesitation, I finally decided to give these earplugs a try after conducting some research.

I specifically chose these earplugs because I didn't want the disposable foam ones, as I read reviews saying they tend to fall out easily. The earplugs I purchased arrived two days ago, and both my husband and I have experienced peaceful nights of sleep since then. These earplugs effectively filter out sound, allowing me to block out my husband's snoring while still being able to hear other noises around the house, such as our dogs walking on the hardwood floors.

One adjustment I need to make is getting used to the amplified sound of my own breathing in my ears. However, overall, these earplugs are comfortable to wear, even when I fall asleep with my head turned to the right. I have not experienced any discomfort or feeling of the plug in my right ear. I appreciate that the package includes two sizes of earplugs, as I tried the smaller ones out of curiosity, but found that the larger ones fit more securely and effectively blocked out noise.

One minor issue I have encountered is that I am unable to hear my alarm in the morning. I need to adjust the volume on my phone, but admittedly, I tend to keep it on the lower side due to using a white noise app to help me fall asleep at night. Unfortunately, if the alarm volume is too loud, it disturbs my husband's sleep. Despite this, I still believe these earplugs are a worthwhile purchase for the price, and I hope they continue to provide the same level of effectiveness in the future.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with my decision to purchase these earplugs. They have allowed my husband and me to finally have peaceful nights of sleep. They are comfortable, come in two sizes, and effectively filter out snoring sounds. While there are minor adjustments to be made, such as getting used to amplified breathing sounds and finding a balance with alarm volumes, overall, these earplugs have been a good investment for the money. I remain hopeful that they will continue to work well for us in the future.

The best plugs I have ever owned!

Honestly I don't even know how to tell you what a stressful time I have buying ear plugs. Firstly I have very small ears. If that wasn't bad enough. have had operations on both of them that has misshapen my tragus. I can't even wear earbuds as they wont stay in my ears.

If I can find plugs that fit snugly they never feel comfortable or stay in, and vice versa. I use them to sleep and am a side sleeper so if I can feel them, they have to come out. I also move around a lot in my sleep and often have awoke to find I am missing one or both.

These have been perfect from the get go! They are so comfortable and no pushing and proving needed to get them to sit right. They are reusable (just wash them every morning) and come with a storage case to keep them safe. All the side sleeping and tossing and turning and still they stay snuggly in place. They have little tabs you pull to remove them so you don't need to go digging in your ear.

Sound wise they do a great job at keeping out your average sounds. If you had your music pumping full blast a couple of feet from your head then sure these aren't going to be fully noise cancelling.

I have a cat water fountain in my room that is constantly on. A lot of people enjoy the sound of trickling water to sleep to. I find it irritating and it keeps me away. These plugs completely block out the sounds of the fountain and allow me to get a good nights sleep. I am still able to hear my alarm go off in the morning without issue.

A must for anyone who thinks ear plug just aren't made for their ears. These ones are the ones you have been looking for!

Best ear plugs ever!

Finally I can get a good night’s sleep. Blocks out most noise and are comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

The Pink Witch
Super comfortable

Okay, so I’m an idiot… the large size was really uncomfortable but the smaller size is perfect! It’s really comfortable! This is why they send you two sizes.

Works fine

Work just fine.